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Billionaire Mark Cuban Has A Wild Claim About Trump’s Wealth… Is It TRUE?

mark cuban trump
After saying that he could be the Vice President for either candidate, Mark Cuban now seems to be criticizing Trump and spilling the beans on his finances. Here’s what he said that might shock a lot of Trump fans:

WOW!! Mark Cuban says Trump has at most $160 million in cash on hand, and even though he brags about how many billions he has, he won’t be paying out that money to his campaign.

And if he starts begging for money, that means that he’s going to be beholden to those interests – exactly the very thing that he said he wouldn’t have to do because he’s so rich.

You also have to wonder what favors Trump owes people already, like the Prince of Saudi Arabia, who bailed him out at least twice in bad financial times. Even George Soros, who helped finance Trump Towers!!

And if you think he’s just saying this to butter up Hillary Clinton, here’s what Cuban said about HER:

What do you think? Is Mark Cuban right about Trump’s precarious finances? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!

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