With yesterday’s revelations that the Obama administration may have wiretapped President Trump, the media is full-on panic mode.

They’re scrambling and trying to defend their favorite President in any way possible.

James Clapper, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, went on Meet the Press to discuss the charges. He offered a blanket denial that a FISA court order was ever issued against then-nominee Donald Trump.

But here’s what people immediately noticed about Clapper; he can’t be trusted. Clapper previously lied to Congress about NSA spying programs while under oath:

Beyond that, it is already a fact that the government was wiretapping Trump associates as part of the on-going investigation into possible Russian interference in the election.

Meanwhile, a former Attorney General believes the wiretap happened:

So, who do you believe? I know for sure that I do not believe anything that comes out of James Clapper’s mouth. That man is a professional liar. He has brazenly lied about spying before, so there is no reason to think he won’t do it again.

I support President Trump’s call for a full investigation into these allegations. The Obama administration has lied and obfuscated the truth of their spying operations before.

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