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Trump Wins, As Top Fox News Host Calls It Quits!


Brit Hume signed off for his final night on “On the Record,” which was hosted by Greta Van Susteren for years. Hume told viewers, “I’m deeply grateful to all of you who stayed with us throughout this transition.”

Hume, a long-time news reporter and Fox News anchor, took over the show after Van Sustern abruptly left the network. He will be replaced by Tucker Carlson at the 7p.m. time slot on a new show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Thankfully, Hume isn’t gone for good. He will be back soon as a senior political analyst at Fox News. But he will have less airtime.

Watch (here) as Hume destroys Juan Williams for attacking Donald Trump just minutes after the race was called. Hume yelled, “Let the guy have a fresh start!”

A voice of reason, Hume is a rare journalist who is fair and impartial. He will be missed during that daily primetime show.

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