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Protester Tries to Interrupt Trump Rally. What Happens Next Is Incredible

Trump vs Protester

It is no secret that Donald Trump is driving a lot of people crazy.

The left and the RINOs can’t stand that Trump is getting so much support for TELLING THE TRUTH!

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One protester, reacting to the news that Trump was endorsed by KKK leader David Duke, decided to cause a scene by wearing a “KKK endorses Trump” t-shirt at a rally.

Then this happens. WATCH

Wow. Trump simply walking across the stage and staring down the idiot was enough to frighten him. What resolve!

The Donald is NOT messing around. He isn’t going to let this country get flushed down the toilet by political correctness.

Even if you aren’t endorsing Trump, you have to get behind his vigor and passion!

Did that protester deserve to get thrown out? Share your thoughts.