Sometimes when you’re arguing with liberals, you have to wonder what world they live in.

If you’ve paid attention to the mainstream media lately (and I sure as hell don’t blame you if you haven’t) you’ll see that they learned absolutely NOTHING from Trump’s triumph. Trump only won, according to them, because the American public is full of racists, sexists, Islamophobes, homophobes – and other serious charges that liberals have turned into buzzwords. What world could they possibly live in, where the same nation that election its first black President by historic margins TWICE turned to racism overnight?

You’d have to live in a fantasy land to believe that (especially when Trump outperformed Romney among minorities) – and you better believe that some liberals would love that. With that in mind, the following piece of satire is worth sharing:

RUSSIAN HILL, SAN FRANCISCO — Distraught at the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, local resident Aria Reinhardt has decided to retreat into virtual reality in order to escape America under a Trump Presidency.

Ms. Reinhardt, like many others, was shocked as she watched Donald Trump win the presidency. After a day or two of being stunned, many of her friends began preparing for life under Trump. Many posted on Facebook threatening to move to Canada. Others accelerated their plans to get IUDs, fearing restrictions on their reproductive rights under a Trump presidency, similar to how Republicans flocked to buy guns in fear of a gun ban when Obama was reelected in 2012.

“After Trump won, I didn’t want to deal with the regressive sexist racist bulls–t that would happen when he came into office,” Ms. Reinhardt said. “I thought I’d spend more time in virtual reality instead.”

Ms. Reinhardt is one of many liberals signing up for a virtual reality app called Liberal America Simulator 2016, which offers its users an alternate universe where Bernie Sanders won the presidency and implemented progressive policies that converted America into a socialist multicultural utopia. The app, released soon after the election, has suffered from unexpected downtime all week due to its unexpected popularity.

A spokesperson from Safe Space Media, the company that produced the VR app, told Halting Problem, “We’ve been swamped with the amount of people wanting to get away from the ‘worse reality’ of America being ruled by an orange buffoon. Everyone here is working around the clock to fairly redistribute server resources but it turns out that’s actually really hard.”

When we last left her, Ms. Reinhardt was immersed in virtual reality, wearing her Oculus goggles and waving her arms aimlessly to clutch at invisible handouts. “This is awesome!” she said. “It’s like America’s great again!”

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fake-company being named “Safe Space Media” – I don’t think I would’ve realized this was a piece of satire myself.

H/T Medium

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