Trump Taunts Biden: ‘Can’t See’ AOC Supporting Him

AOC Biden

President Trump took a jab at Joe Biden, openly wondering if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Squad members could possibly support the presumptive nominee’s presidential campaign.

“Can’t see AOC plus 3 supporting Sleepy Joe!” he wrote.

Trump made the comment following Bernie Sanders’ announcement that he was dropping out of the race.

AOC Thanks Bernie

Ocasio-Cortez herself took to Twitter to thank Bernie, the man she surprisingly endorsed during the Democrat primary.

“Thank you for fighting hard, lonely fights in true devotion to a people’s movement in the United States,” she wrote. “Thank you for your leadership, mentorship, and example. We love you.”

At this time, she has not mentioned pivoting and lending support to Biden’s campaign.

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AOC Despises Biden

Trump’s speculation comes with plenty of supporting evidence. AOC has been very vocal about her disdain for Biden, even openly wondering whether or not the former vice president’s age was affecting his mental capacity.

Additionally, the New York Democrat has complained that her party actually includes both she and Biden, saying they’ll “let anybody who the cat dragged in” join.

“In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party, but in America, we are,” Ocasio-Cortez griped in an interview with New York Magazine.

For his part, Biden has tried desperately to woo AOC, emulating her wild rhetoric.

He has implied that “we’re all dead” unless we adopt absurd environmental regulations and jail climate deniers.

Who knows, maybe there is a little extremist chemistry there?

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Would She?

Time will tell, but it is difficult to ascertain whether the ‘Squad’s’ obsession with turning America into a socialist nation and their disappointment in seeing that dream temporarily dashed will outweigh their obsession with hating President Trump.

Biden will have a difficult time coalescing the extremist fringe Bernie supporters around his campaign.

Perhaps adding Warren, an equally devout socialist to the ticket, would do the trick. But maybe not.

If he somehow convinces Michelle Obama to join the ticket, all bets would be off. It would be easy to see AOC +3 getting fired up to vote for somebody simply based on race and gender, qualifications be damned.

In the end, though, hatred of the President alone could convince them to rally behind Biden.

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