While conventional analysts focus on the major battleground states, Team Trump knows that the president could flip several smaller states from blue to red. That could spell the difference between victory and defeat in November.

A win in Nevada, New Hampshire, Minnesota, or New Mexico, all narrowly lost by Trump in 2016, could help make up for the loss of a major battleground state. That’s why the president was in Nevada on Saturday. The leftwing press is not happy the president is out on the campaign trail.

Trump Takes The Fight To The Democrats

But the president, knowing that the liberal media is an exact reverse barometer of the efficacy of his actions, took the fight to the Democrats.

“You have a governor right now who is a political hack. Tell your governor to open up your state, by the way. Open up your state… The bottom line is, when we win, America wins,” the president said to a crowd of supporters in an airplane hanger in Minden, about 50 miles south of Reno and near Lake Tahoe.

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The president slammed the Democrat governor of Nevada and the Democrat plan for ballot fraud by mail-in voting. “This is the guy we are entrusting with millions of ballots, unsolicited ballots, and we’re supposed to win these states. Who the hell is going to trust him?” Trump asked the crowd about Governor Steve Sisolak.

The president used as an example of Democrat dishonesty, which is also a reason that their postal unions should not be trusted with ballot security, the recent unfounded smear against him. “There’s nobody who loves our military, respects them more than me. There were 25 witnesses on the record that said it never happened,” Trump said of former and current staff members who denied the allegation.

Trump Calls Out Biden

Because of this charge by the befuddled Democrat nominee, the president called Biden a “pathetic human being” for running a spot on the military smear.

“Joe Biden cannot lead our country ’cause he doesn’t really believe in our country. He is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics… You know where he is now? He is in his damn basement again! Biden’s plan is to appease domestic terrorists and my plan is to arrest domestic terrorists. These are far-left lunatics that Biden selects to staff his government,” Trump said of violent rioters like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who act as Democrat surrogates on the streets of America.

Their basic message to America? Elect Biden or we will burn down your neighborhoods. That message and those people are the core of today’s Democrats. The president knows the nation will not bow down to them.

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Trump finished his speech with, “For years you had a president who apologized for America now you have a president who stands up for America. Together we are taking back our country.”

If the president keeps up this pace in the smaller battleground states, and does well in the debates, his chances for reelection will get considerably better as November approaches.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 14, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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