Ever wonder why the protest and rioting shtick is dominated by liberal protesters?

Seriously, don’t you ever sit in bed watching the news, as snowflakes destroy their campus, or tantrum throwers create chaos and destroy property because an election didn’t go their way and wonder, ‘how do they have time to do this?’

And to our friends on the opposite side of the aisle we have to ask, do you ever wonder why conservatives aren’t out protesting all night long when they’re upset about things? Why Trump supporters aren’t being followed around by news crews into the wee hours of the morning?

From what I recall, most Tea Party rallies were held during the day or on weekends. Ever wonder why that is?

Well, we’ve got the answer for you. And it’s pretty simple …

There you have it. Trump supporters tend to have what’s known as “priorities.”

Now granted, there’s an element of humor involved in the above meme. But there’s also an element of truth.

A fairly recent study showed that over one-third of far-left protesters were unemployed and living in their parents house.

In short, Trump supporters don’t go out protesting all night long because they have an alarm clock set to go off alerting them to a job they attend to support their family. Not everyone can hunker down with video games and a bag of Cheetohs in their mom’s basement all day long.

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