Trump Supporters Confront Mitt Romney At Airport, Start Chanting ‘Traitor’

Supporters of President Trump confronted Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) as he sat quietly at an airport waiting area, with some chanting “traitor” on the airplane toward the former presidential candidate.

Video posted to social media shows a woman approaching Romney who is sitting by himself, demanding to know why he, like she, is not supporting the President.

“Why aren’t you supporting President Trump? You’re not supporting him,” she demands.

“I do support President Trump,” Romney replied. “I’m sorry, I do agree with many of the things he’s for and I support him.”

But when it comes to contesting the election results, the senator from Utah disagrees with the President’s strategy.

“It’s a long story but it’s a constitutional process and the constitution is clear,” Romney explains to the woman. “I will follow the constitution and I will explain all that when we meet in Congress this week.”

The Trump supporter counters that since conservatives helped elect him, he should only “represent the conservative constituents.”

“Actually, that’s not how the constitution works,” Romney replies before walking away.

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Mitt Romney Confronted At the Airport

It’s rather clear that the Trump supporter in the above video is upset that Romney isn’t supporting the President’s bid to overturn the election results.

The harassment of Romney didn’t end in the airport waiting area either.

Another video shows people on the plane chanting “traitor” toward Senator Romney.

In an interview with CNN weeks ago, Romney stated that the President’s claims of election fraud are “damaging the cause of freedom and putting people’s lives at risk.”

Days later, he would argue that there was no evidence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

“The biggest concern that I have is that people here genuinely believe that somehow this election was stolen, and there’s not evidence of that,” he conveyed.

There is, however, doubt regarding the integrity of elections, dating back many, many years.

Senator Ted Cruz recently explained, “We have an obligation to the voters and we have an obligation to the Constitution to ensure that this election was lawful.”

What is so difficult to understand here?

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This is Abhorrent Behavior

Before going any further, I’d like to address the obvious – This is disgusting behavior and should not be condoned by anyone who proudly calls themselves a Republican or conservative.

Mitt Romney has been a disaster as a member of the GOP. As far as conservatives go, he is the Bill Kristol of John McCains.

But he doesn’t deserve to be accosted in an airport. This is behavior that the left owns a monopoly on. So congratulations to the Trump supporters in this video – you just became what you despise and you actually ginned up sympathy for the man you loathe.


And yes, I get it. The left made the rules here.

Remember – it was Maxine Waters who told her followers to accost Republicans at the grocery store. It was leftists who attacked Sarah Sanders and Ted Cruz in a restaurant.

Earlier this week, Republicans were outraged when Senator Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) family was targeted by Antifa vandals and protesters who strolled on up to his front door.

Nobody should be okay with this – those who confronted Hawley or those who confronted Romney – on either side of the aisle.

Time to get a grip.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • I think you are just precious. Be honest, you and Eddie haskell are cousins.
    The only thing you didn't invoke with your unctuous little tirade was something from rod king.

  • To Rusty Weiss and all the other self-righteous jerks who have a problem with mittens being called out at the airport - get some cojones. This is the way to fight the democrats. Get the book "Rules for Deplorables" and start fighting for our rights and stop being so stupid!!! The only way to beat these people who are following Alinsky's rules is to fight them. Being nice and accepting things that are WRONG is not the way to beat them. Keep up with this attitude and the USA will be just another socialist/communist country. Is that what you really want?

  • Hey Rusty, for decades Republicans maintained decorum while the democratic opposition spoke the most vile things and made personal attacks with no improvement of their behavior. Perhaps you've been blessed to never encounter a narcissist in your life. Narcissism is the best description of the "I know better than you" democrats. To do battle with a narcissist you must become a narcissist in confrontation. They are not accustomed to the pushback as they expect you to be polite and non-confrontational. Trump showed this to be true and it netted great results. Now we know how to stand our ground and pushback...let's never loose sight of that. It works.
    By your photo you appear very young...grow up buttercup.

  • I haven't heard anything that even approaches how vile the left is from the right. If Romney was called a traitor that isn't vulgar , people like AOC are talking about enemy's lists and hateful reaction to people who oppose them. Gulags, re education camps they passed legislature in Albany NY to imprison anyone they consider sick so loosely worded it could fit AOCs determination of who is sick based on political opposition. This Is way beyond sticks and stones.

  • Crazy, isn't it? These over-sensitive little babies are all over the place, LOOKING to be offended! But how about US, the well-adjusted tax payers? Who's caring about our "feelings"?

  • I'd of bought a ticket to see that! Maybe even a 1st class ticket. Takin' it to a RINO, in person, at 35,000 feet.

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