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Trump Supporter: It’s Easier To Come Out As THIS Than A Republican!

Trump Supporter

A Latino supporter who attended a Trump rally in San Jose says it was easier to come out as gay than it was to “come out as a Trump Republican supporter.”

Juan Henrnandez attended the rally in San Jose that descended into violence and chaos when anti-Trump liberals started physically assaulting people.

Hernandez suffered a bloody nose and black eyes during the attack, prompting him to file a police report.

“We were getting sucker punches from all angles,” he explained. “There was three maybe four. I remember feeling fist after fist.”

Hernandez, a member of the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that advocates for the LGBT community, essentially said leftists are trying to force Trump supporters back in the shadows.

“Coming out as gay was really difficult,” he said, “but coming out as a Trump Republican supporter was far more difficult.”

Check out his interview with Megyn Kelly below:

Via Fox News Insider:

Juan Hernandez said he was just walking when, out of no where, anti-Trump protesters came up from behind and started throwing punches.

“It was riots. Riots were happening everywhere, and the protesters were picking out supporters and sucker-punching them, taking them down.”

He said that a friend who was with him who’d had her glasses ripped off asked a police officer why they weren’t doing anything, and he told her they were told to stand down by the city’s mayor and police chief.

Hernandez said he’s gotten a lot of flak for supporting Trump’s candidacy.

“Coming out as gay was really difficult,” he said, “but coming out as a Trump Republican supporter was far more difficult.”

Many believe that the San Jose mayor ordered police to stand down, opening up Trump supporters to the out-of-control violence.

“We’ve seen video on international media that shows the police just standing by as people were getting attacked,” Charles Moran of the California Log Cabin Republicans.

Since then, police have identified four men arrested on suspicion of being involved in the violence that ensued after the San Jose rally. Still, those suspected of violence will likely go through a lengthy court process and will be forgotten in a few weeks time by the general public. We can guarantee they’ve already been forgotten by the media.

Does anyone remember Thomas Dimassimo, the rotund fellow who thankfully couldn’t quite pull himself up on the stage where Trump was speaking and was subsequently tackled and pummeled by secret service?

Nobody on the left denounced his actions. Just like nobody on the left will denounce the violent liberals in San Jose. And he’s been forgotten. Liberals can get away with violence.

Even when it comes at the physical expense of a Latino, LGBT-rights advocate – Two groups which Democrats are supposed champions for.

Comment: Is it dangerous being a Trump supporter in the Obama/Clinton era? Are they at least partially to blame for the violence because of their unwillingness to denounce it? Share your thoughts below.

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