Trump Supporter Installs Electric Fence Around Trump 2020 Sign After Liberals Keep Stealing Them

Trump Sign

A Massachusetts supporter of President Donald Trump got so tired of local liberals stealing his Trump 2020 signs that he came up with a unique way to protect them.

Now, if lefty snowflakes want to swipe his pro-Trump signs, they’ll have to go through an electric fence first.

Veteran Installs Electric Fence To Protect Trump 2020 Sign

John Oliveria, 54, of New Bedford is a lifelong Democrat who recently saw the light and joined the Republican Party. He said that at least six Trump 2020 signs have been stolen from his yard since then, and while he has filed two police reports, nothing has been done.

That’s why he felt like he was left with no other option but to install an electric fence around the one pro-Trump sign he has left.

“It’s a shame that I have to do this,” Oliveria told WJAR. “I believe in the president. Obviously, people didn’t like that.”

“Horse wire carries a charge,” he added. “It will certainly will send a message.”

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Oliveria, a disabled veteran of the United States Navy, said that the signs began disappearing within weeks of him putting them up. He was particularly shocked that people would steal them in broad daylight, as the signs would be there when he left in the morning, only to be gone in the afternoon.

“I Was Just Trying To Make A Statement”

“I’m just trying to make a statement and say what I believe in,” Oliveria said. “Our country is about different opinions and being able to voice those opinions in a fair and equitable manner. And when you’re taking people’s signs, that’s not fair and equitable.”

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Since installing the electric fence around the sign two weeks ago, the Trump 2020 has safely stood where it is untouched. He expects neighbors will eventually complain about the unsightly fence, but he feels he was left with no other option here.

“You have to be able to respect each other, because we’ll never get anything accomplished if you don’t,” Oliveria warned. “Don’t mess with my right to free speech.”

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on September 16, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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