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7 People Beat Up For Their Trump Support – One Is Only 11-Years-Old!

Trump supporter child

The nation has been even further divided by the collective hissy fit that the left has thrown following the results of the election.

Across the country we are seeing riots, violence, and threats against Trump and his voters. These kinds of attacks are unacceptable by anyone, but while the media rush to cover stories of harassment by Trump supporters (some of which are out-right hoaxes), real stories of physical violence against Trump fans are not being picked up by the mainstream media.

Here are 7 people who have been assaulted for their support for Donald Trump.

Man beaten in Chicago while bystanders shout “He voted for Trump!” “Don’t vote Trump!”

A phone video shot from a bus stop at the intersection shows Wilcox being knocked to the pavement as five people gather around him. A man in the group straddles his back and punches Wilcox with both hands.

As the fight picks up, people on the sidewalk away from the struggle yell taunts that include “You voted Trump,” “Beat his ass” and “Don’t vote Trump.”

There’s laughter as Wilcox rolls on his back and covers his face. Two people hit and kick him. Wilcox gets up and tries to get back in his car, but someone repeatedly punches him until he slumps by the side of the vehicle.

A Connecticut man was beat up for holding a Trump sign.

Two people have been arrested for assaulting a man who was waving a Donald Trump sign and American flag in Meriden on Saturday.

At noon on Saturday, a Meriden Lieutenant was parked on Hanover Street where he saw a man standing on the traffic island at Hanover and Colony Streets waving a Donald Trump sign and an American flag.

Police say a silver car stopped at the island, two men got out and began punching and kicking the man, knocking him into the street.

An 11-year-old boy was beat up for supporting Trump in Texas.

“These boys decided to ask the classroom, ‘Who voted for Donald Trump?’ And then I said, ‘I did.’ And then they come over here and jerked me out of my seat,” said the student. “Before I could get up they started kicking me and punching me.”

The student’s name was protected by request of his parents. But he told  us the classroom did have a teacher present. He said when he was on the ground, it “felt like it was forever”.

A Bay Area high school sophomore was beaten for her Trump support.

“She said you support Trump, you hate Mexicans,” Armenio said. “I said no I do not and she said I wanna do it and I said you want to do what? And she threw me to the floor, pulled out my hair, ripped out my earrings, kicked me inside of the head, kicked me in the stomach, punched me in the nose.”

A New York City man was choked for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

From his side of the car, the suspect saw Cataldo’s black and white MAGA hat.

The suspect stepped across the car, tapped Cataldo on the knee and asked if he was a Trump supporter.

“I told him ‘Yes,’ and he flips,” Cataldo man told The Post. “He lunged at me with two hands around my neck [and] says, ‘Oh, great, another white Trump supporter.’ ”

Another man came over and shoved Cataldo against the window.

The assailant choked Cataldo until the train stopped at the next station, 138th Street/Grand Concourse in Mott Haven.

“He had me choked for over a minute,” said Cataldo, who works as an electrician. “He only stopped because the train doors opened.”

A 74-year-old Trump supporter was assaulted in New York City.

McLaurin shoved the Trump fan to the ground — opening up a gash on the back of his head, cops said. He was taken to an area hospital with a minor injury, officials said.

Cops took McLaurin into custody without incident. She was charged misdemeanor assault and harassment, police said.

Even in Sweden a man was beaten by Muslims because he looked like Trump!

A Swedish chef was reportedly assaulted by three Muslim men who punched and kicked him in the face and head, sending him to the emergency room. Writing about the assault on Facebook, he said he was attacked because he looked like Donald Trump.
Writing in a post which has since been deleted, Anders Vendel explained that two men grabbed his arms from behind, while a third began punching him in the face. After about 20 blows to the face, Vendel fell to the floor, and all three men began kicking him in the head and face.

No one should be physically attacked for their beliefs, on any side. Donald Trump has told his supporters, “Stop it!” When will the left condemn their own?

Have you heard of any other attacks on Trump supporters? Tell us in the comments below!