President Trump Stopped Motorcade, Jumps Out to Thank Firefighters in Ohio

trump stops motorcade to thank firemen

In a clip that will certainly be ignored by mainstream media outlets, a firefighter captured on a cell phone a priceless moment in which President Trump spots a group of firemen and immediately halts the motorcade to shake their hands.

The few dozen firefighters are clearly surprised by President Trump taking time to meet them. As you can see, Trump’s highly secured touring car – known as “The Beast” – can be seen stopping and two Secret Service agents approach the window. No one seems to know if the agents were trying to discourage the president from getting out in an unsecured location of if they were simply coordinating a fast game plan for his unscheduled stop.

One firefighter can be heard nervously laughing, “No, he’s not…” as Trump prepares to exit the car. That’s when Trump finally climbs out while applauding the firefighters and walking toward them.

The firefighter filming the moment can be heard saying, “That’s awesome!” And President Trump takes time to shake each of their hands and opined, “Thank you, men, thank you.”

Trump can then be heard encouraging the firefighters to group together for a photo and he gives his trademark thumb’s up.

It’s clear these firefighters are Trump supporters, as many are quick to take selfies with him. On Twitter, the video has been “liked” more than 25,000 times and it went viral.

What a wonderful moment:

The impromptu moment happened on May 23 as the president was departing Bethpage, New York, following a meeting with local officials on illegal immigration. The video has just now been made public.

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