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The President hasn’t always felt this way about Pelosi. In 2018 he praised her, saying they had a “great relationship.” In 2008 the Huffington Post reported Trump calling Pelosi “impressive” and said “I like her a lot.”

On December 18, the House of Representatives voted to impeach on two separate articles Trump after months of debate. The first vote alleged abuse of power article and the second, obstruction of Congress.

Not a single Republican voted to impeach Trump.

Pelosi Has Not Passed Impeachment On to the Senate–Why?

For now, Pelosi is holding on to the articles of impeachment until the Republican-led Senate can agree with Democrats on the proper rules for a trial.

Early on, Pelosi was reluctant to pursue impeachment, when 228 Democrats voiced support for an impeachment inquiry before the vote. At the time, Pelosi said she believes Trump was “goading” Democrats to impeach him because the President believed it would excite his base.

You think?

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Does She Realize She’s Doing Trump a Favor?

You get the feeling that part of Pelosi’s reluctance to pass impeachment to the Senate is that she realizes this whole affair is only helping get more Americans behind President Trump. As we head into 2020 and Democrats continue to scramble to find a leader, Donald Trump’s re-election chances seem to get better everyday.

Will Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ impeachment strategy backfire? Will she be proven “overrated” as a leader come the next presidential election?