There’s a new excuse in town!

After Donald Trump totally destroyed Hillary Clinton in the election – despite the fact that he had to defeat 16 other Republicans, the entire Republican establishment, the Clinton political machine, and the entirety of the liberal media – Democrats have been looking for any excuse to explain what happened.

Now, they’re going to the old standby – it was the Russians!

The Washington Post published a story claiming that the CIA has concluded that Russia not only hacked Hillary and the DNC during the election, but they did it because they wanted Trump to win.

Here’s what the Post wrote:

Intelligence agencies have identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, according to U.S. officials. Those officials described the individuals as actors known to the intelligence community and part of a wider Russian operation to boost Trump and hurt Clinton’s chances.

“It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia’s goal here was to favor one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected,” said a senior U.S. official briefed on an intelligence presentation made to U.S. senators. “That’s the consensus view.”

There’s just a huge problem with their story.

  • They have no sources.
  • They have no evidence.

Or as The Intercept noted:

The key claims are based exclusively on the unverified assertions of anonymous officials, who in turn are disseminating their own claims about what the CIA purportedly believes, all based on evidence that remains completely secret.

Needless to say, Democrats — still eager to make sense of their election loss and to find causes for it other than themselves — immediately declared these anonymous claims about what the CIA believes to be true, and, with a somewhat sweet, religious-type faith, treated these anonymous assertions as proof of what they wanted to believe all along: that Vladimir Putin was rooting for Donald Trump to win and Hillary Clinton to lose and used nefarious means to ensure that outcome. That Democrats are now venerating unverified, anonymous CIA leaks as sacred is par for the course for them this year, but it’s also a good indication of how confused and lost U.S. political culture has become in the wake of Trump’s victory.

What a turn of events, indeed. Of course, as we’ve come to expect, President-elect Trump isn’t having any of it, especially not wild claims with no evidence or sources. Trump’s response was classic Donald:

It’s clear the Democrats are in free-fall mode. Since President Obama took office, the Democrats lost the House, lost the Senate, lost over a dozen governorships, and over 1,000 state legislature seats. And now, their “chosen one” Hillary Clinton is out of a job, after the media told us for 18 months that she was all but guaranteed to be the next President.

While no one doubts that the Russians don’t exactly have America’s best interests in mind, is anyone buying this latest excuse?

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