During a press conference on Sunday, President Donald Trump targeted the media and Democrats for what he considered their anti-Catholic bias against his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“I think it’s horrible what they’re doing,” Trump said.

“They’re playing the religious card, and it’s frankly — they’re talking about Catholics; it’s a very major religion in our country.”

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Catholic Trump Supporters Rudy Giuliani And Chris Christie Come Out Strong For Amy Coney Barrett

Trump specifically referred to a New York Times op-ed that said pious Catholics are a problem for liberalism.

The President then turned to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – Catholics who have also been public servants.

“It’s obvious what they’re doing,” Christie said. “She’ll be strong, she’ll be tough, and she’ll stand up for what she believes in.”

Giuliani said that the New York Times opinion piece “reveals a very strong anti-Catholic bias.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say,” Giuliani continued, saying that the article also deceptively claimed that Catholics have difficulty separating public and private morality.

“I don’t have difficulty separating private and public morality,” Giuliani said.

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Anti-Catholic Attacks In Politics Is Nothing New

Many still remember Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearings when she was nominated for the 7th Court of Appeals.

Then, California Senator Dianne Feinstein famously quipped, “And I think in your case, professor, when you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.”

The Senator made that comment over concerns that Barrett would be insufficiently supportive of abortion.

Anti-Trump CNN personality S.E. Cupp even took the liberal media to task on several articles that attacked Barrett’s faith.

Cupp concludes, “That in 2020 Catholics are still fair game for this kind of bigotry is shameful. We have to be better than this — but then, these days that often seems like too much to ask.”

Back at the press conference Sunday, Giuliani also recalled the anti-Catholic arguments that were once made against President John F.  Kennedy.

President Trump also said Catholic bishops should come out against any religious attacks on Barrett.

“The Catholic Church is very well united on this,” the President said. “They are so thrilled that Amy was chosen.”

Many Catholics are no doubt thrilled, including church leadership.

This doesn’t mean that those who habitually despise Americans of faith – particularly Catholics – won’t come out swinging hard against Trump’s court pick.

Expect the Democrats to continue to attack SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett on every front imaginable – with her faith front and center.