After President Donald Trump pardoned General Michael Flynn, who was accused of basically doing what incoming President Joe Biden is doing right now, many began to speculate about what other pardons might be coming.

That’s a no-brainer: Pardon Edward Snowden.

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Snowden Sounded Alarm On Obama’s Mass Unconstitutional Spying

When the National Security Agency was busy collecting Americans’ private data during the Obama administration, government officials insisted they were not spying on citizens en masse.

When Obama’s Director of Intelligence James Clapper was asked in a Senate hearing if the government was spying on citizens, he said it was not.

When NSA contractor Snowden heard that, he knew he had to let the world know the U.S. government was lying.

Let The Whistleblower Hero Come Home To America

Snowden met with progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald and they figured out a way to leak the information to the press who would report to the public, without releasing any information that could undermine national security or endanger individual agents.

Of course, this embarrassed the Obama administration and then-Vice President Joe Biden went out of his way to bully American allies into rejecting asylum for Snowden.

Snowden was eventually forced into exile in Russia, where he remains today with his wife, who recently announced she is pregnant.

The hero whistleblower has said he would like to return home, to the United States.

Calls to pardon Snowden have come from all corners of the political landscape – including from some of President Trump’s biggest MAGA supporters.

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard has made the call. 

She is joined by libertarians like Rep. Thomas Massie and Ron Paul. 

Some of President Trump’s biggest supporters have also made the call, like Rep. Matt Gaetz and Senator Rand Paul.

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Snowden should be allowed to come home.

For his service to our constitution, at the risk of his very life, he should also receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

That is where President Trump could do something really heroic.

Remember: the same Deep State that Snowden exposed are the same people President Trump has been battling ever since he announced his campaign. 

Biden Would Never Pardon Snowden

Joe Biden is not going to pardon the man who embarrassed him and his old boss, Barack Obama. 

Biden is a bagman and a lackey for the Deep State.

President Trump should grant Snowden a pardon so he can enjoy a heroes welcome home. That is when Trump could also award Snowden the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

That medal is supposed to be awarded to “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

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Pardon Edward Snowden – It’s The Right Thing To Do

How many contributions could be greater than a private citizen alerting his fellow Americans that their government was violating their constitutional and basic privacy rights every day?

Democrats and the Left would howl if Trump did this. The Deep State would have a full-blown meltdown.

But that is not why he should do it.

President Trump should pardon Edward Snowden because it’s the right thing to do.

God willing, he will.