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Donald Trump Says THIS man is Getting an ‘A’ in Leadership, and It’s NOT Obama!

Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner and contender to replace U.S. President Barack Obama, praised Russia’s military buildup in Syria, which has caused consternation in the Obama White House. Trump said Russia should be welcomed to join the fight against ISIS.

Referring to widely published photos of Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin glaring at each other at the United Nations General Assembly this week, Trump said Putin comes across as the better leader.

“I will tell you that, in terms of leadership, he’s getting an ‘A’ and our president is not doing so well,” Trump said. “They did not look good together.”


Asked whether he backed those like Russia who support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or those who see him as the source of Syria’s current crisis, Trump told NBC’s “Today” program:

“I side with the group that says ‘if Russia wants to go and fight ISIS, you should let them’, as opposed to saying ‘we’re jealous, we don’t want you to do that’.

Asked about whether Assad was the source of the country’s ills, Trump said it was not clear and questioned who would replace him if he were ousted.

“The people that want to come in and replace Assad, nobody knows who they are and they could end up being worse,” he said. “We’re constantly going out and siding with people and they turn out to be worse than the people who were there before.”

Many say Trump isn’t knowledgeable about foreign policy, but he makes very solid statements here. He’s right. Obama supported the civil war without knowing who the rebels were. Then we back peddled in the middle of the war and gave Assad a chance to fight with full force and destroy some good people who trusted us. Now, they turned to the wrong guys for assistance, and it turned out to even worse!

donald trump

Assad is your best bet now though he committed some atrocities in his attempt to hang on to power. In a civil war, I do not think much of civility can be expected. Those who disagree should review our civil war events. Obama and Hillary took the old “regime change” slogan without committing to it or mobilizing the required resources. I like Trump’s foreign policy better than Obama’s.

What do you think of Trump’s breakdown? Doesn’t it seem like he’s catching on more and more every day? Share your comments below and add this story to your twitter/facebook timeline for discussion.

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