Trump Says Taliban Was Afraid Of Him As He Blasts Biden Over Afghanistan

The Taliban sized Joe Biden up pretty quickly and made their move. They wouldn’t have dared do this to a Trump administration.

Trump Sounds Off

Former President Donald Trump spoke out this week to slam Joe Biden for his chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, saying the Taliban’s stark change in behavior with the change in administrations proves the issue was with the person not the plan.

“It would’ve been the exact opposite,” Trump said, according to Fox News.

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“We were in perfect shape,” Trump said. “Abdul – he’s now the head guy – he was the one I was dealing with [when] I said there would be hell to pay if you touch any American soldiers or Americans. They didn’t meet some of them (conditions) so we bombed the hell out of them.”

“I said I want every nail, every screw, every tank, every plane –  those planes are in very good working order – you look at Apaches they coast a fortune – tens of millions. It’s just disgraceful – I think it’s the greatest embarrassment in the history of our country,” Trump added. 

The former president went on to say, “Tremendous disrespect was paid by Biden when he kept looking at his watch over and over again— every time a  coffin came off the plane, he was looking at his watch. The parents are angry, as they should be. Nobody should’ve been killed [but] after I got out, Abdul and his group went wild.”

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Matt Mowers Chimes In

 Matt Mowers, a Trump administration State Department official who is running for Congress, agreed with the former president. 

“It has to be because what we’ve seen the current administration do in Afghanistan has been nothing short of disastrous. And I don’t take joy in saying that. I really don’t,” the Republican candidate in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District said.

“It really didn’t have to be this way. I served in the State Department. Saw first-hand what it takes to make good, sound, decisions to put America’s security and national interests first while also protecting the stability of our allies around the world,” Mowers commented.

“Had they [Biden and his advisers] followed through and actually made smart, solid, decisions on this, I think you would have seen a different outcome…they did all this totally backwards,” he stated. “Instead of evacuating Americans first…they receded from Bagram Airbase and handed it over essentially, leaving it as a sitting duck nearly a month and a half ago… this is just poor decision making and poor judgement.”

Mowers then said that the Trump administration “was looking out for the safety and security of American troops and American people on the ground” and that “if the Taliban didn’t hold up their end of the deal in working with the duly elected Afghan government, then America’s posture would change.”

But that was then and Biden is now, much to the misfortune of America and Afghanistan.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 2, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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