Trump Says If He Only Listened To The Experts Country Would Suffer ‘Massive Depression’

Trump Says If He Only Listened To Experts Country Would Suffer ‘Massive Depression’

During a campaign rally in Carson City, Nevada on Sunday, President Donald Trump said that he took the proper course of action in how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump argued that 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would be overly deferential to the scientists regarding large scale lockdowns that damage the economy.

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Trump: ‘The Cure Cannot Be Worse Than The Problem Itself’

“If I listened totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression,” Trump told the audience.

“The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself,” Trump insisted.

The President bragged that once the lockdowns were eased, job numbers started to go up “like a rocket ship.” 

“I say, you get out there and things are opening up, tell your governor to open up, tell everybody to open up,” Trump said.

President Trump also blasted Democratic governors who insist on keeping everything locked down, citing New York, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania specifically.

“Get the places open, let’s go,” Trump urged.

‘This Election Is A Choice Between A Trump Super Recovery… Or A Biden Depression’

The President said that a vote for him was a vote to improve the economy, while Biden would hurt it.

“This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery, which we’re in right now, or a Biden depression,” Trump told the crowd.

“Depression — just remember the word,” he said.

President Trump’s comments don’t just cover the economic depression that lockdowns cause – but also depression in the mental health sense.

That the lockdowns have contributed to declines in people’s mental health is not news.

The BBC reported in August that an Oxford University study showed that in England “One in five people appeared to have depressive symptoms compared with one in ten before the pandemic.”

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“People were asked to consider the previous two weeks and say how often they had experienced a range of symptoms, including changes in sleep or appetite, a loss of interest and pleasure in doing things, and difficulty concentrating,” BBC reported.

“Almost 20% of people met the criteria for depression, based on their responses, in June 2020 compared with just under 10% between July 2019 and March 2020,” BBC noted.

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