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Trump Reverses Course, Will Allow Medical Deferments For Deportations

Jason Hopkins on September 3, 2019

The Trump administration announced it is backtracking on its decision to eliminate deportation deferments for those receiving life-saving treatment in the U.S.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency under the Department of Homeland Security that manages legal immigration, announced Monday that it will “reopen non-military deferred action cases that were pending on August 7,” which notably include those with severe medical problems.

“While limiting USCIS’ role in deferred action is appropriate, USCIS will complete the caseload that was pending on August 7,” a statement from the agency read Monday. “As USCIS’ deferred action caseload is reduced, the career employees who decide such cases will be more available to address other types of legal immigration applications on a more efficient basis.”

The agency revealed in late August it would be ending the “medical deferment action” program that allows immigrants to remain in the country if they are receiving life-saving treatment.

The deferred action program allows aliens to avoid deportation for two-year periods if they can prove they, or a family member, are receiving essential medical treatment not necessarily available in their home countries. While the program does not provide lawful immigration status to an alien, and does not excuse periods of unlawful presence in the country, many U.S. migrants with illnesses depend on medical deferment to remain in the U.S. as they receive treatment.

USCIS began sending letters to those who had asked for their deferment to be renewed, telling them the agency was longer honoring such requests and that they had 33 days to leave the U.S. or face deportation.

The change was met with swift pushback from Democrats and immigrant-rights activists.

“The Trump Admin’s cruel & inhumane plan to deport people with serious medical conditions must be *fully* reversed,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted Monday. “USCIS must tell the world unequivocally that in our compassionate America, the seriously ill who request humanitarian relief will never be targeted for deportation.”

While USCIS has announced a reversal and will reconsider all applications that were submitted as of Aug. 7, it is still suggesting it may limit its role in the program.

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  • It's time THOSE DEMOCRATS PAY US BACK for overspending, robbing, gift giving, and for Rewarding those that side with them, and lie and cheat for them, and for all the parties, vacations, bonuses, for raises they have received, and for paying and dealing with others who hate our USA Laws and hate America. WE WANT DEMOCRATS TO RETURN THAT MONEY TO US THE TAX PAYER. MONEY THAT THEY HAVE TAKEN FROM US FOR MORE THAN 2O YEARS.

  • Thanks for your service. And ,they want medicare for all! It's so sad you had to wait at all. Good luck to you and your family. My prayers for you. God bless.

  • Yes, and people that can't get treatment because they don't have good enough ins. to afford it. They have to lose everything they own before they get help. I wish the Demons would put as much effort in to the American people as they do in to the ILLEGALS.

  • Why don't people realize that Trump will be the last Republican President, whether a one termer or two. When the Dems get all the illegals to infiltrate the US and somehow win an election they will pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform which will give all 25 million illegals citizenship and voting rights! There will be big push for Socialism and the entire country will become a 3rd world country.

  • ARREST the leaders of the violent anti-White USA DNC-BLM-Brown-Muslim Supremacism Communist Movement attacking everything American: Illegal alien Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch & Comey; George Soros, and Jorge Ramos, Pelosi; Schumer/Waters; DNC; Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison, AOC, et.al.; Cummings & Sharpton, et.al., Clintons, et.al. Deport and banish from USA forever! IMMEDIATELY! Stop all immigration 10-years; Stop all federal Welfare!

  • Why not I'm a vet and it took me from Dec 15 2019 until this Friday to see a doctor. F'em feed'em boney fish

  • The Name thing is purely STUPID - most of the names have been used for hundreds of years and to declare them "regretful" is the epitome of arrogance and a REAL waste of article space in ANY media...so arrogant to criticize normal

  • Understanding how Deep is the Deep State! A little history they hope you do not remember. Globalist stooge & board member of the Bank of London. it is now time Comey is indicted; he has been at the center of fixing tthings far beyond what the fake media said Cohen is alleged 'did for Trump'. Comey is not the first cover up the FBI has done for the Billary Cabal. They allowed Awan's wife to leave with $12,400 in violation of CTR 8300 forms & all the intel dirt Debbie Wassermann Schuitz Deep State IT guy had amassed while spying on her DNC 'buds' to again control. http://www.abovetopsecret.c...
    In March, Comey and McCabe Blocked the Arrest of Imran Awan’s Wife, & Debbie Wassermann Schultz DOJ brother ends up handing the Awan's cases. 
    Alvi Awan was suspected of helping swindle $283,000 from banks and was busted carrying over $12,400 in undocumented cash when the FBI caught up with her at Dulles International Airport in March. 
    But incredibly Awan the wife of Imran Awan, the IT specialist and con man employed by Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was arrested "last week for bank fraud" was never detained or forced to stay in the United States. Her arrest in fact was blocked by then-FBI Director James Comey and then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI sources said. 
    So federal agents and Capitol Police watched as the former Democratic congressional aide and suspected bank fraudster stepped onto Qatar Air1ines Flight 708 to Doha, Qatar, on her way to Lahore, Pakistan wit

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