Every President adds their own unique flair to the White House, but some do a better job than others. For example, below is a picture of how the Oval Office looked in 2016 while Obama was in office:

trump renovates white house

Nothing special, right? President Donald Trump thought so too, which is why he decided to renovate – and the changes he made are nothing short of remarkable. Here’s what the Oval Office looks like now:

trump redecorates white house

As you can see, Trump changed the wallpaper, curtains, and rug and added the flags of each military branch. The president personally chose the new wallpaper himself – clearly he has good taste.

A White House official said that Trump “wanted to bring back the luster and the glory of the White House,” and I would certainly say he succeeded. The Oval Office looks bigger and brighter and far more fit for a president now.

But Trump didn’t only make changes to the Oval Office. The HVAC system was also updated, and the offices of Trump’s top aides got new carpeting and a fresh coat of paint. Trump has also installed golden eagles throughout the White House:

trump renovates white house

One other important change: Trump reinstalled the bust of Winston Churchill that Obama had removed from the Oval Office.


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