It looks like Trump has finally gotten under Obama’s thin-skin, because yesterday he tried to attack the presumed GOP candidate, and instead did something that made everyone laugh their butts off!!

Here it is – see if you can catch it!!

We’ve seen the stutterer-in-chief do this before, but not for a solid 5 seconds!!! While trying to attack The Donald, he suddenly sounded like a machine gun that wouldn’t shut off!!

Here’s a short video of just his crazy stutter for you to enjoy:

LOL!! Ironically enough, Obama was whining that Trump’s bipolar intemperate character was rattling our allies abroad. Even though Trump agreed, saying that some rattling of cages is good, it seems more like Obama was talking about himself!

Here’s when Obama talked about Trump rattling our allies:

What do you think? Is Trump rattling Obama along with our allies abroad? And is that a good thing? Let us know in the comments section below!!