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Trump Pulls Man On Stage For Wearing THIS! Protesters Stunned

Trump Illegal immigration

It has been a rough few days at Trump rallies. People are getting angry and violent over Trump’s divisive rhetoric.

Many people think Trump is fostering anti-immigrant anger.

but then Donald saw a man wearing a “Legal Immigrant for Trump” shirt


The day after U.S. Secret Service agents had to scurry to protect him from a protester rushing the stage at a rally, GOP front-runner Donald Trump on Sunday pulled a man out of the crowd to help him make a point about immigration.

Trump sought and received Secret Service agents’ permission to allow a man on stage he spotted wearing a T-shirt with the handwritten message “Legal Immigrant for Trump.”

“We want people to come into our country,” said Trump, after spotting the man. “But they got to come legally like you, right?”

Trump then pulled the man on stage. The man, who identified himself as Alex Stypik, briefly spoke to the crowd and said that Trump, who has called for building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and faced criticism for once saying Mexico sends the U.S. its “rapists,” is not properly understood on the issue

Regardless of what you think about him, Trump is getting a broad coalition of people together.

People from all walks of life are tired of the status-quo and believe Trump will change it

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