In 2010, painter John McNaughton debuted a controversial painting that immediately drew the ire of Obama supporters and the applause of Obama detractors. Even if you’ve never heard of McNaughton, you’ve probably seen his painting – aptly titled, “The Forgotten Man” – at some point:

trump painting forgotten man

In the painting, Obama is surrounded by past presidents of the United States while he steps on the Constitution and turns his back on a “forgotten man,” who is notably depicted as a white working class male. The painting makes the blatant point that Obama had forgotten millions of Americans, and sums up how a lot of people felt about Obama’s presidency.

But there’s a new president in office, and McNaughton has a new painting. Called “You Are Not Forgotten,” it depicts a major shift from Obama’s presidency to Donald Trump’s:

trump painting forgotten man

As you can see, in the new painting Trump is stepping on a snake instead of the Constitution, and the forgotten man is being given some water:

“Last year we elected President Trump. He expressed by his words and demeanor what Americans wanted — a man who was not going to bow down to Washington or other countries. A man that would not forget the ‘forgotten men and women’ of this country who elected him,” McNaughton explained in a video about the painting.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; and this picture is worth the millions of voices who were once tuned out by Obama.

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