Trump On 2024: Supporters Will Be ‘Very Happy’ When I Make Announcement

Donald Trump seemed to all but assure his supporters of another run for the presidency in 2024, saying people will be “very happy” when he eventually makes an announcement.

The former President made the remarks during an interview with Candace Owens on her Daily Wire talk show, Candace.

“The answer is I’m absolutely enthused,” he said when asked about the possibility of another campaign for the Republican nomination. “I look forward to doing an announcement at the right time.”

That announcement, according to Trump, will make a lot of his fans ecstatic.

“As you know, it’s very early,” he continued. “But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement.”

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Trump 2024 Announcement Will Make His Supporters Happy

Trump has been teasing a 2024 announcement in nearly every interview he’s conducted recently.

Last week, in a discussion with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, he stated he’s “100 percent … thinking about running,” even discussing who he might consider as a running mate.

Bartiromo asked if Trump would consider choosing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his vice presidential nominee.

The former President indicated DeSantis is a “friend of mine.”

“A lot of people like that — you know, I’m just saying what I read and what you read — they love that ticket,” Trump replied. “But certainly, Ron would be considered. He’s a great guy.”

In the interview with Owens, the host brought up another interesting choice for Vice President – herself.

“Are you going to run in 2024 and if so, can I be your Vice President?” she joked.

“What a good choice that would be,” Trump replied. “That would be fantastic. You would be fantastic.”

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Establishment Would NOT Be Happy

While many of the former President’s supporters would be very happy to hear him run again in 2024, there is a bevy of establishment Republicans who would be less than thrilled.

George W. Bush, another former Republican President, has repeatedly taken jabs at Trump in recent interviews, describing the current GOP as “isolationist, protectionist, and to a certain extent, nativist.”

Bush urged the party to move away from being an allegedly exclusive “white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism” party, as well as frowning upon purity tests for all of its members.

“The idea of kind of saying you can only be Republican ‘if,’ then the ultimate extension of that is it ends up being a one-person party,” he said in a thinly-veiled swipe at Trump.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has also expressed her disdain for Trump running again in 2024.

“I don’t think that that’s going to happen.  And I think it’s important that it not happen, given what he did,” Cheney said referencing Trump’s alleged role in inciting protests at the Capitol in January.

In a statement released earlier today, Trump blasted Cheney as a “warmonger” who has “virtually no support left in the Great State of Wyoming.”

Republicans are reportedly looking to oust Cheney from her leadership role before the end of the month.

She and Bush might be relegated to commenting on the 2024 election on Democrat-friendly media outlets while Trump once again tries to make America great again.


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