The caravan is no more.

President Trump took to Twitter today to celebrate the Mexican government actually getting off its tush and enforcing its own immigration laws by breaking up the caravan of illegal immigrants heading for the U.S. border.

Upon seeing the would-be invading hordes, Trump mobilized the U.S. military and was planning to send troops to the border to defend our country. He also called on Mexico to enforce its own laws, and not sit idly by as the migrants trespassed through both of our countries.

And as wonders never cease, the Mexican government, sensing that Trump meant business, actually acceded to his demands. They set about breaking up the group of migrants, effectively disbanding the convoy of people.

This morning, Trump thanked Mexico for stopping the caravan:

Let’s be clear: if any other president held the White House, the caravan would have entered our country. Trump is the one and only president with enough clout to have stopped the immigrant invasion with just the sound of his voice. He’s serious about controlling illegal immigration. And the whole world knows it.

That’s the only reason the caravan was stopped. It turns out the soft power of determination is enough to achieve policy victories. At least when it comes to President Trump.

Are you happy that the illegal caravan has been broken up? Tell us your thoughts below!