Trump May Have Last Laugh on a PAC Designed to Ruin Him

A Political Action Committee with the sole mission of attacking Donald Trump might be forced to change its name after the Federal Election Commission fired off a letter to the group’s treasurer.

Let’s Fire Trump is the name of the PAC, and the unauthorized use of a candidate’s name on a PAC is a violation. The FEC informed the group’s treasurer they may be facing an audit or an “enforcement action.”

Jennifer Scofield, Let’s Fire Trump’s treasurer, tried to spin her way out of this in an email to Northeast Ohio Media Group, by claiming Trump is an acronym for “Terrible Radicals Undermining Middle-class People.”


Scofield, who previously worked for a democratic county administration, might have to come up with a more solid excuse as the mission page on the group’s website clearly paints the objective and fails to use the acronym.

LET’S FIRE TRUMP was created for a simple, compelling reason- we believe Donald Trump represents the absolutely worst part of politics, and his campaign for president is already bringing out the worst in the American people. For decades, Trump has epitomized greed, excess, and arrogance; but now his political efforts have added to the mix prejudice, fear, and ignorance, and his campaign is dividing Americans instead of uniting us.

Like most Americans, we have laughed at Trump for years; his megalomania, comical boasting, even his absurd hair- they all invite you to view him as a cartoon character.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is not a joke. His disgusting commentary has a constituency. His hateful message is just what some people are looking for. He is leading the Republican presidential field in some polls.

What’s more, he is defining our political debate, not just here but around the world. Whether or not he ever wins a primary, he is dominating the political discussion in the greatest democracy in the world- and that diminishes our American democracy.

So what do you do when a billionaire bully tries to buy an election and impose his ignorance on our political system? You fight back. You organize. You raise money- knowing you can’t match his billions- but at least enough to make sure that the truth about who he is and what he stands for is heard loud and clear all over the country.

That’s the mission of LET’S FIRE TRUMP. Every single day, we will be using our resources to fight back against Trump’s media machine, telling the real story through both traditional and social media.

We can’t do it alone. We need you. Donate today to keep our efforts going. Spread the word to your friends on social media. Follow us online, and sign our petitions. Join one of the local protests that will follow Trump everywhere he campaigns.

Along the way, we’ll still have some laughs at Trump’s expense (he can afford it). But we’re in this because we care about democracy in America- and we won’t stand by while Trump and politicians like him make it a global laughingstock.

As bad as Trump’s campaign has already been, it can still have a happy ending- if people like you get mad, get organized, take a stand, and send a powerful message to the Trumps of the world.

Let’s do this…and LET’S FIRE TRUMP!

The Cleveland based PAC has been trying to get Donald Trump removed from the first Presidential debate, which will be held in the city next week.

Why do you think they are so afraid of Donald Trump? Please comment below.

H/T: Northeast Ohio Media Group

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