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Trump Just Received Incredible, GAME-CHANGING News! (Breaking)

trump endorsement

In the past week, conservative businessman Donald J. Trump received support from an unusual place: The New York Police Department Vet Association. The trophy the president of the organization gave him said, “America’s Finest Reward.”

But this latest news is amazing for Trump, and has to make Hillary Clinton furious!

Also on the trophy was:

“For your dedication, concern and support for America’s law enforcement community,” it continued. “We know you will make America great again.”

Telano also praised Trump for his commitment to solving the illegal immigration crisis

“Immigration is important to us because for many years, we have been arresting illegal immigrants committing rape, robbery and murder,” he said, according to the New York Daily News.

Via NY Daily News

This incredible support from New York police officers comes only days after the New York Post also endorsed Trump. Considering Trump’s overwhelming appeal among New Yorkers, it’s entirely likely he could defeat Hillary Clinton in this blue state during the general election!

What do you think about this amazing news for Trump, while voters head to the polls in NY? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!