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Trump Dropped An OBAMA BOMBSHELL… Democrats Are FURIOUS! (WATCH)


On Fox News’ Fox and Friends, conservative Presidential candidate Donald Trump made a huge claim about President Barack Obama.

First, a clip was played (below) where Obama says, ““I love this job and here’s I think a fair statement: If your name is Barack Hussein Obama, you, you had to have liked politics in order to get into this office.”

Then, Trump drops a truth bomb: Barack Obama isn’t his real name!

Well, that wasn’t his name. His name was Barry Soetoro and that was his name and he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama. And, you know, it just shows everything about this man people don’t get. And you know, it’s an incredible statement. He makes that statement and, frankly, you know, it’d be OK if he didn’t make this statement, but he made this statement and his original name was a very different name.

Trump then reminded the audience of how much Obama has loved the expensive perks of the White House. After all, Obama loves flying around on Air Force One to play golf all over the world, and the multi-million dollar luxury vacations.

This is why so many Republican primary voters love Trump… he is speaking the truth!

This video is epic:

Don’t forget that it was Hillary Clinton in 2008 who first raised questions about Obama’s background and his birth certificate. Trump is raising an important point… After seven years, we still know very little about the radical leftist in the White House.

What do you think of Trump exposing Obama’s lies? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!