Trump Jokingly Reprimands Audience Member For ‘Lock Her Up’ Comment

Shelby Talcott on October 4, 2019

President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd in Florida about health care Thursday and jokingly reprimanded an audience member for saying, “Lock her up.”

Trump was criticizing Democratic Medicare for All related topics at a White House event in Florida when the person shouted. Supporters said the phrase during Trump’s 2016 campaign against former first lady Hillary Clinton.

“I’m sorry I smiled. The fake news is back there,” Trump said. “Look at all of them. They’ll say, ‘It’s terrible. It’s terrible. The president smiled.’”


“They want me to admonish you. Who … who said that, ‘Lock her up’? Stand up please. I’m admonishing you. Never, ever say that again,” Trump continued. “He’s admonished. So now they can’t do their fake number on us.”

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