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ISIS Declares War on Trump’s Inauguration Day!

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President-elect Donald J. Trump takes office in less than two months, and ISIS is using his inauguration on January 20th to declare war, calling it “Bloody Friday.”

It is being reported that in addition to declaring war on Trump’s inauguration day, ISIS has recruited multiple English-speaking operatives to communicate their deadly message.

In addition to the ISIS threat, U.S. special forces will be on “high alert” during Trump’s inauguration, “But security analysts have been following communications between members of the group who are planning large scale attacks on that day, it has been claimed.”

From Express:

According to reports ISIS has expanded production of special editions of official videos with English subtitles in recent weeks and with a view to reinforcing targets on US soil.

And their ISIS-linked Amaq Agency Telegram channels have resumed posting on social networks after they were went temporarily offline following a terror attack in the US last Monday.

We are also learning that Europe is on high alert following multiple attacks in Belgium and France, and Europol believes the likelihood of future attacks is very high:

A report published today by Europol said: ”France remains high in the target list for ISIS aggression in the EU, but so too do Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.”

It added: “Estimates from some intelligence services indicate several dozen people directed by ISIS may be currently present in Europe with a capability to commit terrorist attacks, and that there are indications that ISIS has been preparing terrorist attacks in Europe since 2013.”

Intelligence suggests that ISIS has assembled teams in Syria which are sent to the EU tasked with carrying out attacks, the study said.

Unlike President Obama, President-elect Donald Trump will not cower to ISIS and instead will take the fight to the terrorist group until they are rooted out and destroyed!

What steps should the incoming president take to insure that ISIS cannot threaten his inauguration and the lives of Americans who are planning on celebrating his election? Share your thoughts with us below!