Trump Is Sick of Democrats’ Political Correctness Agenda


Speaking to a crowd of Evangelical voters, Presidential front-runner Donald Trump implied he’ll disregard the left’s political correctness “WAR on Christmas” during the most wonderful time of the year if he becomes president.

Trump was referencing a decision by Starbucks to use plain red cups for the Christmas season instead of what they have done in the past – cups that had images of the Christmas season on them.

“I’m a good Christian, remember that, and I told you about Christmas. And I guarantee if I become president we’re going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ at every store,” Trump said, as reported by CNN. “The ‘happy holiday,’ you can leave that over in the corner.”

Most Americans grew up celebrating Christmas, whether as a religious holiday or a family celebration.


What’s wrong with a little holiday decoration? Who is Starbucks worrying about offending?

Trump will win again on this issue because the overwhelming majority of American’s are for keeping Christmas and being able to say “Merry Christmas.”

Trump WINS again! So much WINNING, you will almost get tired of it. ALMOST.

Check out this video:

Trump continues to touch on issues that angry Americans want addressed. You might think it’s just Christmas and a cup but many holiday season traditionalists have been angry for a long time — watching the left force the idea of this great festive season out of people’s minds.

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