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Rep. Al Green Forces Vote on Impeaching Trump During Jerusalem Capital Speech

Just as President Donald Trump was making his announcement that the United States would formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Democrats pounced.

For decades, presidents have promised to formally recognize Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel. Donald Trump is the only president to ever follow through on the plan – making him a trailblazer.

Not everyone is happy with Trump fulfilling his campaign promise. Democrats are planning to hijack Trump’s announcement, and force a vote on impeaching the President. Rep. Al Green, an unhinged progressive from Texas, will force a vote on impeachment in the House this afternoon, most likely during Trump’s big speech.

From the Daily Mail: “Green announced the move yesterday and told C-SPAN during an appearance this morning on Washington Journal: ‘This president is unfit. He has committed high misdemeanors. Andrew Johnson was impeached for less, and articles of impeachment will be brought against him today.””

More: “The lower chamber is set to take up the measure just after 1 pm, at the zenith of Trump’s legacy-defining Israel speech, during which he will announce the eventual relocation of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.”

Green is using a little-known House rule in order to push through an impeachment vote. The rule is called a “privileged” motion. Normally, the GOP-controlled House would never entertain such a lame motion.

Obviously, the vote won’t go anywhere. Trump isn’t going to be impeached as long as Republicans control Congress, and as long as he keeps delivering for the American people.

But this symbolic effort shows just how far Democrats are willing to go to subvert our democratic process. Trump was elected president. He will be president until his term his up, whether it be in three years or in seven, provided he win re-election.

Democrats just can’t accept that as a fact. And it’s pathetic.

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