One of the many reasons Donald Trump was elected was the need to secure our borders and stop the influx of migrants from countries who are not friendly to America and want to see us destroyed.

Part of this call was a re-securing of our border as well as measures to vet those coming into this country to ensure that they don’t have a nefarious purpose to their visit to the United States of America.

While his first few days have been focused on jobs and ending burdensome government regulations, President Trump is visiting the Department of Homeland Security Wednesday and will begin rolling out his plans to fix immigration and secure our borders!

Starting tomorrow, President Trump is beginning his work on tightening our borders and fixing our broken immigration system, eventually leading to more strict evaluations of those entering our country:

Via The Hill, this is what President Trump is looking into in order to secure our country from radical Islamic terrorism.

According to CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem, the Department of Homeland Security is currently considering “ending Syrian refugee program and a suspension of Muslim majority country visas.”

“DHS was also asked to determine whether ending entire refugee program doable and favoring religious minorities in revamp,” she added in a tweet.

This is exactly what he called for! We have to make our country secure and STOP the influx of terrorists and their sympathizers into our country.

President Trump is acting immediately because he knows his first 100 days are the best time to get important things rolling.

He is going to Maker America Secure Again!

Do you supporter President Trump’s efforts to secure our borders? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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