In the 2020 election, there will be three segments of Americans who will vote for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Those who voted for then-candidate Trump in 2016, those that have moved toward Trump’s base in the last three years, and Americans who are scared to death of VP Joe Biden’s incompetence taking over the Oval Office.


Many Americans don’t like Trump because of his personality, and plan to vote against him in the fall.

If you are like me, we’ve beaten our heads against the wall trying to point out time and time again many of the great things he’s done that have helped us financially (lower taxes, rising wages, and low unemployment, trade deals that benefit American jobs).

We have noted Barack Obama just said what we wanted to hear, but also had horrible policies that catered to terrorist countries like Iran. And he made our health insurance super expensive and reduced our coverage.

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These voters know Obama’s Iran deal was crap too. They know Obama lied about Obamacare. It’s ridiculous.

I was red-pilled and switched parties around 2014 and will never go back. The Democrats have turned into the party that caters to these awful left-wing extremists that would destroy our economy if they had the chance.

I know it’s beating a dead horse, but, most of the so-called crudeness accusations against Trump are misrepresentations of things he said and stories by people telling stories of something that someone else heard. When challenged, they can’t find the direct attribution or video or audio.


I guess I will just never understand the unexplained deep hatred some have for the President. Yes, he’s a crude New Yorker. So what? This isn’t junior high, and it isn’t a popularity contest to elect the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet.

I voted for Trump with some skepticism, but with an open mind. Then the POTUS did something no other POTUS has done since President Reagan – kept his campaign promises. I think that’s what drove the Communist Left over the edge – they saw his core values for the first time. I was all in then!

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Oh, and all you swing voters – it’s great to vote for Trump, but if you don’t follow with voting a straight “R” ticket for the House and Senate, then it will be a waste of time. If the House stays Dem, and the Senate flips, the President will never get anything done. And we probably will be under House Arrest, er., “sheltering-in-place” for another FOUR years.

Think about that…..


Trump has the right policies, and he’s working to make it happen. This is and should be the only thing that counts.

That he can ramble and repeat himself is of no importance as far as I’m concerned. He understands ACTION. He gets things DONE. He is savvy and not an empty suit. You don’t have to like his personality.

Still, you have to marvel at his ability to understand the system, how to use it, or go around it (albeit legally), to accomplish what must be accomplished! He is a successful businessman, and right now, we need three things: a patriot, someone who can work the system to our benefit, and someone with the insight to understand what is required.

Trump fits the bill in all three areas. Vote for Trump, vote a straight Republican ticket, and DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL! Vote ONLY at a polling place. It has never been more critical for us to make sure that each and every one of our votes counts.