Trump Has a SHOCKING Distant Relative, Who Is ALSO Running for President! WOW

Conservative hero Donald Trump has a bold, populist message and is unafraid to tell the political establishment exactly what he thinks! But what you might not know is, he comes from an extraordinary background.

Not only is Donald Trump related to British royalty, he is a distant cousin of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, who will win her party’s nomination if she stays out of jail.

Both are related to a 14th century royal named John of Gaunt, the 1st Duke of Lancaster and son of King Edward III. Trump’s mom Mary Anne Macleod is related directly, back to Trump’s 17th great-grandfather, John Beaufort. Clinton, on the other hand, is related through the Rodham family and Joan Beaufort, her 17th great-grandmother.

That would make Trump and Hillary Clinton 19th cousins!

John of Gaunt, a royal in the 14th century, was the son of King Edward III and featured in the Shakespearean play Richard II, named after his nephew.

Swynford was at first Gaunt’s mistress, but they later married and their offspring were legitimized.

Gaunt’s children by Swynford include Trump’s 17th great-grandfather John Beaufort and Clinton’s 17th great-grandmother Joan Beaufort, according to MyHeritage.

The Duke of Lancaster’s son by his first wife Blanche, would later go on to become Henry IV.

Various other descendants of Gaunt would claim his lineage to Edward III during the War of the Roses, a conflict that makes today’s political scandals seem laughably tame in comparison.

The war ultimately ended when Henry VII, a member of the House of Lancaster, defeated Richard III in battle and became the first Tudor king.

via Daily Mail

Here is a famous painting of John of Gaunt:

Trump has another interesting relative – his grandfather Friedrich Drumpf – who owned a restaurant in Seattle in the late 1900s and took part in the Yukon gold rush.

Clearly, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have nothing in common and disagree on every policy issue. But they are family… although distantly!

What do you think about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being related? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.


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