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Trump Shreds Hillary: Asks CEO of Phone Recycling Company If Most People ‘Smash Their Phone With a Hammer’

President Trump took a swipe at his former election opponent, Hillary Clinton, asking the CEO of a company that recycles smartphones if “most people … smash them with a hammer.”

Trump was in Blue Ash, Ohio, to tout the Republican tax bill that has resulted in bonuses and incentives from numerous companies to their employees over the last few months.

The President introduced several CEOs of Ohio businesses whose employees are already benefiting from the tax plan. One of those CEOs is Chris Irion, whose company e-Cycle recycles and resells smartphones.

In introducing Irion, Trump took a shot at Hillary from old reports that aides helped her destroy her Blackberries with a hammer.

“Let’s see, you recycle smartphones.  Think about that one,” the President said to laughter. “What about when they smash those phones with a hammer?”

“Can you bring them back to life?  Oh, what you would find.”

“Do most people, when they toss a phone, do they smash them with a hammer?” he continued. “No? Not too many.”

Aside from the shot at Hillary, the CEO of e-Cycle did have some excellent news to share after the President introduced him.

“I’m pleased to announce that e-Cycle paid out our largest bonus in company history this past Friday,” Irion said to applause. “One-hundred percent of all of our hourly and salaried employees participated in this bonus program of over $350,000.”

“In addition, due to the greatest tax reform package just passed in U.S. history, we’re celebrating with an additional $1,000 tax reform bonus for all of our 55 employees,” he added.

Irion then thanked the President for “believing in the American worker and the American dream.”

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