Trump Got A HUGE Reaction For THIS Answer About Running Third Party

During Wednesday’s GOP debate, frontrunner Donald Trump said he is “totally committed to the Republican Party” and said he feels “very honored to be the frontrunner” after he was asked whether he was ready to commit to not running as a third party candidate.

The crowd roared after he said it and moderator Hugh Hewitt also applauded.

Trump continued that he has “gained great respect for the Republican leadership” in recent weeks as well as his fellow Republican candidates for president.

Trump was asked this question publicly because he floated the possibility of launching a third party bid when he tweeted the results of a poll that showed that two-thirds of his supporters would vote for him should he leave the Republican Party and pursue an independent bid.

Remember Trump signed a loyalty pledge to the Republican Party in September — vowing to support the Republican nominee and not run as an independent — but has since insisted that that pledge was contingent on the GOP treating him “fairly.”

Asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo after the debate if his pledge to remain in the GOP race meant “no exceptions,” Trump confirmed.

“I’m going to be a Republican, I’m not going to be doing a third party,” Trump said. “No matter what.”

Check out the exchange:

H/T: CNN Youtube

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Wayne Dupree

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  • That statement might come back to haunt Donald if the GOP pushes for a brokered convention where he will be swept out the door, in favor of a establishment-pick Rubio... Donald you talk about the art of the deal yet you didn't require the GOP to sign a oath of commitment when you become the front-runner.. you have made a serious mistake!

  • I think that Trump gets a lot of flak since he outlines positions that lots of other Americans subscribe to and the MSM has their head in the sand. There are lots of positions out there that don't line up with the one the New York Times espouses. Politics as usual is getting tiresome and we need someone in office whose main focus will be on the American People and getting them back to work. There aren't many politicians who I am supportive of, and Trump doesn't seem like a real politician like we have become use to. Just remember if you are a Liberal that a lot of Americans don't agree with your positions. 4 or 8 years under Hillary may be more than America has the stomach for. With her in 8 years, the national debt would likely be $30 trillion and growing. A pit we may never be able to dig ourselves out of. The one thing that must be done is to make Presidential Executive Orders a thing of the Past.

  • Awesome, as I just re-registered from independent to Republican yesterday, so that I can support him on March 22....Trump ALL the way !!!!

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