SurveyUSA, a national polling firm, just came out with major news that Donald Trump didn’t even expect! Their poll, which was conducted early in September, shows Donald Trump leading well-known Hillary Clinton 45 to 40 percent.

Trump is soaring to record breaking levels of popularity, while Hillary Clinton continues to watch what happens as voters learn about her criminal activity on a private email server.

But the biggest news is Trump is earning MAJOR support from segments of the population which almost exclusively vote for Democrats. SurveyUSA announced that Donald Trump would receive 25% among black registered voters. That is news that has Hillary Clinton terrified, and is shaking the political establishment to the core!

To put that in perspective, President George W. Bush received less than 9% of the black vote, and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) earned less than 4% when running against Barack Obama.

Trump is also dominating among his Republican opponents with Hispanic voters. The liberal media would have us believe that Hispanics oppose Trump’s anti-amnesty message, but 31% of Hispanic voters support him. This is incredible news!

Donald Trump is baffling the political pundits by taking a bold, conservative message straight to the American people. Trump knows how to communicate in such a powerful way, that the elites can not stop him. That’s why no one expected this incredible polling result, and Donald Trump has a big smile on his face today.

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