While we all agree that America should have the strongest, most powerful military the world has ever known, we spend a heck of a lot of money every year providing for the national defense of other countries. Especially rich countries.

Currently, roughly $6 billion is spent each year on foreign military aid – which is a drop in the bucket next to the $150 billion annual cost of maintaining our 800+ overseas military bases.

Because of that, Donald Trump has insisted many times, stretching back decades, that U.S. allies need to contribute more for the costs American taxpayers pay, stating, “They do not pay us. But they should be paying us, because we are providing tremendous service and we’re losing a fortune.”

Well, we’re losing a fortune alright. And there truly are no drawbacks if other countries decide not to pay. Other countries haven’t been paying their fair share for decades, with no consequences. America always foots the bill, while our debt skyrockets over $20 trillion.

While Trump hasn’t outright demanded for any nations to fork up cash yet, he did just get another variation of what he wants.

Germany and France are launching a number of new defense initiatives amid criticism from the Trump administration about a lack of defense spending from NATO allies. Germany will set up a joint fleet of Lockheed Martin Corp C-130J transport planes with France and join a Dutch-led fleet of Airbus A330 tanker planes, the country’s defense ministry said Monday, according to Reuters. Other initiatives with Norway, Romania and the Czech Republic will be announced at a Brussels meeting with NATO defense ministers this week.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen met with her U.S. counterpart, Jim Mattis, at the Pentagon Friday. Mattis stressed that NATO partners need to meet the “fair demand” to increase their defense spending and meet the 2 percent of GDP requirement.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said America’s allies in Europe and Canada raised their defense spending by $10 billion in 2016. The 3.8 percent increase is bigger than what officials initially anticipated.

“The most important thing is we increase defense spending, and that is exactly what we are doing,” Stoltenberg said Tuesday. “It is an important step. But it is not enough. We have to do more.”

H/T: The Daily Caller

It’s about time! We spend more on the military currently than the next largest eight nations combined – some of which benefit from military bases we have stationed in their countries. If they benefit from it, they should be paying.

Trump’s business acumen is clearly showing in this case. He’s been saying that other countries are ripping us off, and he’s right. The difference is, Trump isn’t afraid to do something about it. And it’s already working!

What do you think? Should our allies pay more for the free defense services we provide them?