President Trump has had enough of the media’s onslaught of critical coverage of his immigration policies. The “zero tolerance” approach to illegal immigrants, which is seeing all adults arrested who attempt to illegally enter the country, and forced separation from minors who accompany them, has brought explosive attention to the Administration.

The coverage has been so critical that Administration officials are actually being accosted in public by violent, loathsome liberals. (RELATED: Socialists Harass DHS Secretary Nielsen at D.C. Restaurant).

Trump has been asking Congress to pass a permanent fix to the border crisis and reunite the families. But lawmakers have been dragging their feet. Now, we’ve just gotten word that Trump may enact a quick fix to the situation via executive action. The news comes via John Roberts of Fox News:

The order is reportedly being drafted:

Oddly enough, this is exactly the kind of fix congressional Democrats have been urging. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has called on Trump to fix the immigration issue via executive action:

This is a short-sighted move that doesn’t actually fix the crisis at the border. The problem with what’s going on at the border stems from a series of court decisions, executive actions, federal statutes, and a Congress too cowardly to actually pass a comprehensive solution. (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Responds to Laura Bush’s Criticism of Trump’s Immigration Policy).

Whatever action Trump takes will be challenged in court. It will be a Band-Aid – not an antibiotic, which Congress needs to pass.

If Trump takes unilateral action, that will take the pressure off Congress to pass an actual solution to the ongoing situation.

What’s happening at the southern border is hard for all Americans to watch. But we need a real fix to the heartbreaking circumstances. An executive order won’t cut it.

UPDATE – John Roberts reports that Trump is also being lobbied by Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen to accept an expedited bill to end family separation from Congress: