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Democrats Planning for President Trump to Fire Robert Mueller This Weekend

It’s game time for Democrats.

With all the breaking news, flying headlines, sensationalist scoops, and desperate grasps for relevance that have gone down this week, President Trump may finally be preparing to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller this weekend.

The main point of contention is the FBI’s raid of the offices of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Trump lashed out after the raid, which occurred earlier this week, by tweeting the following:

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Trump tweeted this out two days later:

This has led to rampant speculation that Trump means to follow through on his threat and fire the Special Counsel. Indeed, with Mueller’s latest raid, it would seem like he’s sniffing around in places his nose shouldn’t be. Mueller has already been looking into the finances of the Trump organization – a clear violation of the President’s red line.

Democrats are now expecting the worst this weekend.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Connecticut Democratic Rep. Jim Himes sent an email out to field organizers in Norwalk and other towns in his home state Friday outlining his concerns that the president will fire either Attorney General Jeff Session, FBI Director Rod Rosenstein, or special counsel Robert Mueller.

A source connected to the Himes campaign told TheDCNF that the Democrats need “contingency plans” set up in case Trump takes action. The same source said other Democrats nationwide are sending similar notices out to staff members as well.

The leaked email, authored personally by Himes, says that the congressman believes “that in the next 48 hours, it is more likely than not that the President acts against Attorney General Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein, and/or Special Counsel Mueller. His intent will be to end Mueller’s investigation.”

It’s not just this one Democrat either. More from the report:

Progressive organizations like MoveOn have also been working with Democratic Party officials over the last 48 hours to assist in any potential protests. Members of both organizations refer to the demonstrations as the “Mueller Firing Rapid Response event,” according to documents viewed by TheDCNF

President Trump not only has the legal grounds to fire Mueller (he’s the chief executive, Mueller works for an executive agency) but he also has plenty of just cause. Two years of investigating Trump’s ties to Russia has yielded no evidence of collusion. It’s time to end this witch hunt.

What do you think? Will Trump fire Mueller this weekend? Tell us your thoughts below!