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President Trump: Obama’s FBI Had an Informant on My Campaign

President Trump is pissed.

And it’s not his usual pissed-off self. Trump knows there was a rat in his campaign, and he wants the world to know about it.

Take a look at what the President just tweeted:

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What a stunner!

As we’ve been diligently reporting, the word, as the President says, does seem to be that the FBI had a source on the Trump campaign, who could have been purposefully embedded. Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal first sounded the alarm over a mole in the Trump campaign.

Andrew McCarthy of National Review reports that Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS wasn’t lying when he said during congressional testimony that Christopher Steele, author of the infamous Trump dossier, mentioned having a contact within the Trump campaign.

Now is when things get fun.

President Trump is now aware that there was, more likely than not, a mole on his campaign. Not one to be slighted or screwed over, he’ll want to get to the bottom of this and fast. The mole is crucial to understanding why the FBI first began to investigate Donald Trump. The entire Special Counsel hinges upon the FBI’s initial investigation.

If Trump takes the necessary steps to out the mole, it will undermine the entire credibility of the FBI, and thus the Special Counsel. It’s just the kind of move a man like Trump would make.

Now, we wait and see if he does.

Should Trump do it? Should he declassify whatever documents are necessary so that we know who the mole was on his campaign? Tell us your thoughts below!