Trump to Create New Faith-Based Office on National Day of Prayer

Proving once again that he cares about Christian America, President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer, to create a new faith-based office in the White House.

The White House declared in a press release issued Thursday morning that, “Prayer, by which we affirm our dependence on God, has long been fundamental to our pursuit of freedom, peace, unity, and prosperity. Prayer sustains us and brings us comfort, hope, peace, and strength. Therefore, we must cherish our spiritual foundation and uphold our legacy of faith.”

Trump is expected to sign the executive order creating the new office during a Rose Garden ceremony in front of 200 religious leaders. According to public relations executive Rev. Johnnie Moore, who has served as an adviser to Trump since his campaign, the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative would focus on poverty, religious liberty, education, strengthening the family, helping prisoners, mental health, and human trafficking, and overall give religious groups a voice within the government.

It’s about time.

Additionally, unlike previous faith-based initiatives, the White House said that Trump’s order will install designated liaisons to the new office in all agencies and executive departments – a move that Moore praised. “Ordering every department of the federal government to work on faith based partnerships — not just those with faith offices — represents a widespread expansion of a program that has historically done very effective work and now can do even greater work,” he said.

Pastor Paula White, a key evangelical adviser to Trump, also lauded the order. “I could not be more proud to stand with President Trump as he continues to stand shoulder to shoulder with communities of faith,” she said. “This order is a historic action, strengthening the relationship between faith and government in the United States and the product will be countless, transformed lives.”

Of course, liberals are terrified that Trump’s order crosses a line – and that it leaves non-Christian faiths out in the cold. “At the event today, President Trump should retract and apologize for his call for ‘a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,’” Melissa Rogers, who served as executive director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships under Obama, said in a statement. “President Trump should also pledge to respect and vigorously protect the equal rights of Americans of all faiths and none, including the rights of American Muslims to religious freedom.”

Rogers’ statement makes it clear where liberals’ priorities lie, and they’re certainly not with Christians. Thank God for President Trump!

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Ann is a conservative political blogger whose work has appeared on Bleacher Report and America Liberty PAC. Nothing angers her more than the Nanny State and taxes. Prior to making the jump to political writing she worked in web marketing and sports writing; now she utilizes the skills gained in those industries to broaden the impact of conservative media and fight back against political correctness and liberal elitism.

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  • Trump has never called for all Muslims to be permanently banned from the US. What he did was temporarily stop immigration from six mostly-Muslim nations. Interestingly, Obama did a similar thing during his time in office with zero complaints from the left or MSM. The list of countries he banned only had one country (if I remember right) that was in the top ten Muslim-populated countries.

    In no sense was it a complete or extended ban on Muslim entering the country legally.
    But that is the narrative that MSM wants us to believe about Trump. They rage that he is a bigot and racist, and yet they have no real examples.

    The Charlotte incident (tragic as it was) was totally misquoted and taken out of context. Trump did not try to overtly support either side. He tried to moderate tempers by saying things to decrease tension and defuse things. The MSM totally exploited and slanted Trump's words to fit the leftist attack on his presidency. Can anyone quote what he said, or recount another non-hearsay example when he overtly said a true racist statement? To liberals, this isn't important, they want to believe he is a bigot, so in their biased minds, he is one.

    Granted Trump is blunt and coarse at times, and he lacks even a modicum of decorum when he chooses to be controversially evocative. However, that in no way justifies the incessant and pernicious attacks on him. Mueller, McCabe, Pelosi, Schumer et al are desperately looking for anything, anything, ANYTHING to bring down his presidency. It is unAmerican and I think borders on treasonous behavior.

    It is a very sad state of affairs when politics becomes more important than truth.

    The most intolerant people in the world are tolerance-loving liberals that are not getting their way!
    Liberalism is the pollyannic belief that it is possible to pick up a turd from the clean end...oh poo

  • Trump's lack of understanding of the contemporary American religious scene is seen in the reference to Paula White, who is just one more money-grubbing, prosperity gospel spieling, profiteering false prophet,. She is one of the original members of his advisory board on matters spiritual. But given Trump's allegiance to Mammon, her appointment should come as no surprise! Read up on this false teacher who has so captivated the favor of the president (for now):



  • “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."
    Matthew 6:5-6

  • There were no blessings received from God today through the prayers at the National Day of Prayer in Washington.... God doesn't share nor will He ever share the spotlight with false gods... The acknowledgement of false gods in His presence has and always will be an abomination.
    The Old Testament reveals how the foolishness of the Israelites turning away from the One True God to worshipping false gods caused the destruction of Jerusalem seven times and it was only because of God's promise to Abraham that the Jewish people weren't wiped from the face of this earth.
    Yes, we are living in the Age of God's Grace but that doesn't eliminate God's Law that warns us that there are consequences for all sin... Sadly most Christians don't understand this need for an atonement for all sins, thus they sat back watching this National Day of Prayer in Washington thinking that we are on the right track to returning to God as these false prophets and non-Christian so-called pastors are praying to their false gods....
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction (Prov. 1:7).

    • This is my prayer today--my "housekeeping" prayer...
      Father, lead me in the way you would have me go; let each thought, word, and deed of mine be of, by, and for your glory; let me not be sinful, but cling to your precepts; if there is sin in my life, please forgive me, in Jesus' name; let my life be a reflection of you, so that I do not lead anyone astray. Keep me from anxiety over things of this world, because I know you hold the world in your hands. I lift those I love before you: where healing is needed, I pray for healing, according to your will; where comfort is needed, I pray the comfort only you can give; where strength is needed, let those I love lean on you for your strength; for those who are lonely, I pray you bring to them friendships and fellowship; for those in need, I pray your provision. I thank you that you love those I love more than I ever can. In Jesus' precious name, I offer this petition up to you, accepting your perfect peace. Amen.

  • Pray for our fine country, all our leaders, all the way down to the local level, and for our citizens. We need our Fathers help to get us all together on the same page. God is in charge of all the governments, so we have President Trump for a reason, so let's all pitch in & get us on the right path again. God Bless the USA.

  • MY family does an "Entreaty for our President Trump"! That God will guide his path, keep him safe, and always lead him in the direction he should go! He has a lot to learn about the covert operations of sneaky, demented, career Politicians, and nothing to UN learn! He's done MORE to rebuild the moral, hope, enthusiasm, excitement for America than ANY President in our history in LESS time! Despite the spiteful 10 ton anchors around his ankles! The "manure spreaders" will be diluted after November, and he'll think he's been allowed a "PARDON" from the Incensed Retards on the Left and the 'wanna be' Left retards! Who haven't sided with America for DECADES! THANK you, Almighty God, and President Trump! Your "bountiful harvest" is on its way!

  • thank you god in heaven for oresident trumo and his love for america and the God in heaven in whom we trust, if muslims do not like it hit the road and go back to your own countries bye

    • Why don't mooslums already here stand up, as a whole religion and help oust mooslums who support barbaric and murderous uncivilized ways!!!! They support these actions and need to get out of this country???

  • While i agree that removing the barbaric muslim cult from America is a great idea, this definately blurrs the line between church and state.

    • The Constitution states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

      President Trump is not establishing a religion; he is exercising his right to his own religion, as other presidents have done before him.

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