Trump Considers Appointing Special Counsel To Continue Durham Investigation Of FBI

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President Trump revealed Sunday that he might appoint a special counsel to continue U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into the FBI’s 2016 investigation of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump made his comments during a Fox Business interview with Maria Bartiromo.

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Trump Says He Wants Accountability

“Will you appoint a special counsel to investigate and to continue the investigating into what took place in the 2016 election?” Bartiromo asked Trump.

“You mentioned Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe not facing accountability,” she added. “Will you appoint a special counsel?”

Trump replied, “By the way, Comey and McCabe, that’s the least of it.”

“You talk about the Logan Act,” Trump continued. “They used the Logan Act on General Flynn, who I was very proud to pardon.”

“But they wanted to use and they did use the Logan Act on General Flynn,” he added. “And you know where that started.”

President Is Open To Appointing Special Counsel

“Look, this whole thing is a terrible situation. This should have never been allowed to happen,” Trump said.

“And, you know, it’s an embarrassment to our country. All over the world, they’re talking about it.”

Trump then signaled he might appoint a special prosecutor.

“And, yes, I would consider a special prosecutor, because, you know, this is not a counsel,” Trump continued. “It sounds so nice. I went through three years of a special counsel, prosecutor.”

“I call prosecutor, because it’s a much more accurate term,” the President said.

What Is Taking Team Durham So Long?

The Trump campaign originally hoped some of the findings of Durham’s investigation might be revealed before the election.

Obviously that did not happen.

The investigators have claimed they have expanded their efforts based on new findings.

So… what findings?

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At one point, Attorney General William Barr promised there would be “significant developments” revealed before the election.

Where are these developments now? Are they not actually significant?

What are these investigators actually investigating?

Spying on President Trump’s campaign and potentially concocting a false Russian collusion charge are serious issues Americans deserve to have answers about. 

Will John Durham or Bill Barr ever give them to us?

To date, this remains an open question.

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