It’s official – CNN has been reduced to tabloid journalism. They are the TMZ of news networks.

In what they heralded as a “CNN exclusive,” the network cut to video of President Trump playing a round of golf at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. The foursome included Georgia Sen. David Perdue (R), PGA tour player Bryson DeChambeau and former pro golfer Dana Quigley.

Reporter Manu Raju shared the video on social media saying, “Trump on the golf course today, captured by CNN cameras.”

The Hill also described CNN’s video as having “captured” Trump on the links, giving it an ominous feel to what he was doing.

Take a look at the footage, and tell us if you notice anything odd about CNN’s filming technique:

Um, yea. Hey CNN, it’s totally not creepy at all that you’re stalking the President of the United States on a golf course by hiding behind bushes.

The stalking was all part of an effort to prove that Trump was lying when he said the previous day that he’d be getting “back to work in order to make America Great Again.”

If you want to make that point, fine, but maybe do it in a way that doesn’t make your cameraman look like a scorned boyfriend trying to catch his ex-lover cavorting with a new man.

The best part about this is they think the American people care. We literally just got a major overhaul of the tax system resulting in an average $2,000 tax cut for Christmas – let the man play golf.

Not to mention we spent years watching former President Obama golf hundreds of times, make late night comedy show appearances, pick his brackets for ESPN, etc., and y’all didn’t give a rip about it. Now we’re supposed to care that a President has some downtime?

To paraphrase Linus in a Charlie Brown Christmas – Of all the fake news networks out there, CNN, you’re the fakiest.

What do you think of CNN hiding in the bushes to film President Trump? Share your thoughts below!