On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump criticized Twitter for allowing the Taliban to use their platform to share news of their takeover of Afghanistan, yet still won’t allow him on their site. 

Trump made his comments during an interview with the conservative news site Newsmax.

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Trump Blasts Twitter Hypocrisy

“It’s disgraceful when you think that you have killers and muggers and dictators and horrible — some horrible dictators and countries, and they’re all on but the president of the United States, who had hundreds of millions of people, by the way, he gets taken off,” Trump told Newsmax. 

After the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill, Trump was banned from the social media giant’s platform – along with nearly every other major social media network. 

President Trump has been banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Snapchat, and Twitch. 

However, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has been posting freely throughout his group’s retaking of Afghanistan now that U.S. troops have withdrawn. 

The New York Post reported, “Mujahid’s unverified account, which was used to provide updates on the Taliban’s capture of Afghan cities as they aggressively took control of the country in days, has racked up more than 326,000 followers.”

“Another Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousaf Ahmadi, has more than 66,000 followers,” the Post noted.

Twitter Keeps Trump Ban

Twitter issued a statement about the Taliban’s presence on their platform.

“The situation in Afghanistan is rapidly evolving,” the statement reads. “We’re also witnessing people in the country using Twitter to seek help and assistance. Twitter’s top priority is keeping people safe, and we remain vigilant.

“We will continue to proactively enforce our rules and review content that may violate Twitter Rules, specifically policies against glorification of violence, platform manipulation and spam.”

Remember, Twitter banned Trump on January 8 while he was still president, where he had over 80 million followers.

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Taliban Known For Violence, Misogyny, Intolerance 

At the time, Twitter said “due to the risk of further incitement of violence” they alleged Trump did on January 6 the president at the time had to be banned. 

“Plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off-Twitter, including a proposed secondary attack on the US Capitol and state capitol buildings on January 17, 2021,” Twitter said at the time.

In the past, the Taliban “have been known to use extreme violence, especially against women, academics and anyone who opposes the group’s fundamentalist interpretation of Islam,” the Post noted.


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