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Trump Administration Will Drop Opposition to Texas’ Voter ID Law

President Donald J. Trump’s administration and the Justice Department just made a bold move, announcing the federal government will no longer oppose Texas’ state Voter ID requirements, as it had done under the Obama administration.

Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, has been a longtime supporter of voter ID laws and opponent of voter fraud.

Liberals involved in the case are outraged:

Danielle Lang, the Campaign Legal Center’s deputy director of voting rights, told The Associated Press and Talking Points Memo on Monday that the Justice Department informed her group and others suing the state of the government’s change in position.

After six years of legal wrangling, the Justice Department will no longer argue that Texas intentionally sought to discriminate against minorities when it passed the law that mandates voters show certain forms of identification before casting a ballot.

This signals to voters that they will not be protected under this administration,” Lang told Talking Points Memo.

“We have already had a nine-day trial and presented thousands of pages of documents demonstrating that the picking and choosing of what IDs count was entirely discriminatory and would fall more harshly on minority voters. So for the [Justice Department] to come in and drop those claims just because of a change of administration is outrageous.”

It’s a bizarre argument to claim that voter ID mandates are racist.

Are minorities and legal immigrants unable to provide identification? Of course not – they need such documents to open up a bank account, get a library card, get a job, buy a home, or enter a government building, just like everyone else. ID cards are needed to live the American dream.

Instead, it’s racist to claim minorities can’t produce a drivers license or ID, as it shows how little liberals think of them.

No one is too poor to get an ID. States which pass such laws are willing to subsidize any voter who couldn’t afford the few dollars required to obtain such documentation.

Democrats know this, but they want illegal aliens to be able to cast votes on Election Day without questions being asked. These fraudulent votes likely overwhelmingly help Democrats, which is why the left would rather encourage it to happen more often.

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