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‘Truly Disgusting’: Don Jr. Condemns Media ‘Silence’ After Man Attacks Trump Supporters in Florida

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. slammed the mainstream media for virtually ignoring the Sunday story in Jacksonville, Florida where a man who plowed a van into a Republican voter registration tent, nearly hitting six volunteers.

Media Silence was Deafening

“The [media’s] silence was deafening,” Trump Jr. told Fox & Friends. “The violence against conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters is so prevalent and so underreported, if at all.”

According to Fox News, “The 27-year-old Florida man who police say drove a van into a tent that housed supporters for President Trump reportedly arrived in court on Sunday smiling and nodding to the cameras before he was seated, a report said.”

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According to Action News Jax, witnesses said the day before that suspect Gregory Timm ran over chairs and tables the day before at a local shopping center.  Witnesses told reporters that Timm recorded his actions after the incident, made an obscene gesture and sped off.

Local reports indicate that there were no injuries.

GOP Chair and President Trump Weigh In

GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted, “These unprovoked, senseless attacks on @realDonaldTrump‘s supporters need to end. I want to echo the @DuvalGOP in saying: We will not be silenced by cowards, and these disgusting acts will only make us work harder to win November.”

President Trump retweeted McDaniel’s comments, adding, “Be careful tough guys who you play with!”

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Trump Jr. rightfully observed that if something like this had happened to supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren it would be the “number one news story all over America.”

‘Sick’ of the Double Standard

“There’s not a journalist that wouldn’t be covering it ad nauseum for weeks. … It’s getting to the point of tacit complicity from the left and from the media, which are basically the same thing at this point. It’s truly disgusting,” Don Jr. said, adding that Americans are “sick” of the double standard that the media uses concerning violence against Trump supporters.

“Timm faces two counts of aggravated assault on a victim over the age of 65, one count of criminal mischief and one count of driving while his license is suspended, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.” Fox News noted. “Sunday, his bond was set at $507,500.”

The story you just read might be one of the few places you even hear about this story and there’s no excuse for it. Donald Trump, Jr. is right.